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Elevate your health and wellness with the Fit Transition Method

Empowering individuals through life's shifts and transitions with individualized systems to support better health and physique goals.

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Austin improved strength and their blood work in less than 12 weeks with short workouts in the gym they could fit in during lunch breaks.

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Kennie has been great to work around my own health situations, my own activities, and my own needs. It’s personalized and meets me where I am. It’s a program that works around what I need

Andrea Z.

My biggest breakthrough is just HOW MUCH I actually enjoy working out and just getting active now. On days when I don’t even walk, I’m much more “down” and unsatisfied with the day. Even just that 20 to 30-minute walk resets my mind and makes me feel so much happier and productive

Aaron S.

It is never a mistake to seek out help and advice from a coach, who understands the process and science. There's exercise and exercise with purpose. The Movement can take you wherever you are to anywhere you want to be

William C.

Check out Will's story...

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  • How long does the program run?
    The Fit Transition Method is a 12-week program aimed at kickstarting your health journey by building sustainable systems. While the program spans 12 weeks, our goal extends far beyond that duration. We believe in laying the foundation for lasting wellness. It's not about achieving perfection in 12 weeks, but rather initiating the process of building out your personalized health systems that you can continue to refine and carry forward beyond the program's completion. Many of our clients choose to continue their progress with our Legacy Program, extending their journey and further enhancing their wellness.
  • What kind of support can I expect during the program?
    You'll receive comprehensive support throughout the Fit Transition Method. This includes personalized 1v1 checkpoint calls, a dedicated private online community for sharing experiences and motivation, interactive group calls for collective learning, and convenient in-app messaging via our coaching app. We're committed to ensuring you have the guidance and encouragement you need at every step of your wellness journey.
  • Do I need access to a gym or specific equipment for this program?
    No, the program offers adaptable routines that can be tailored to suit your environment, whether at home, in a gym, or with minimal equipment.
  • Is this program suitable for individuals with specific health concerns or restrictions?
    Absolutely. The program is tailored to accommodate various health needs and fitness levels. We work closely with individuals to customize the approach based on their unique circumstances and will work with the rest of your healthcare team if necessary.
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