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The mission of The Movement Health & Fitness is to provide online and in-person fitness programs and coaching to those who may find these resources difficult to access through local gyms and fitness centers due to fear of intimidation and/or discrimination. We strive to build a stronger LGBTQ+ movement through the development of healthier bodies & minds through physical activity & exercise and outreach to the LGBTQ+ community and allies.

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Through my research for my master’s thesis it became more apparent there was a need for trans friendly professionals, activity centers, and resources for individuals to seek help in regards to health and fitness. Even I, who have worked in the fitness industry, both commercial and academic for 15+ years, find it hard as a trans individual to venture into a fitness center. Many times I have to cut my workout short due to my uneasiness of using the facilities, or just because I don’t like contending with the confused looks I may get from other gym goers. There are other times I have wanted to seek out a coach in an effort to find someone to help me prep for possible competitions, but had to contend with the fears of whether or not they will be accepting of who I am or willing to work with me. 

In light of the findings of my research I am reaching out to anyone, but the LGBTQ+ community specifically, who is seeking resources but may find it difficult to get it at your own gym locations either due to discriminatory or uneducated staff, or to situational avoidance that may arise from previous discriminatory actions that you may have had to endure outside a gym setting. I also feel the importance of physical activity in our everyday lives seems less mentioned when health is talked about not just in our communities but every community, but movement is vital to our physical and even our mental well-being. While I can’t afford to venture into gym ownership, I can and still want to be a resource.

The Movement is on a mission to make the LGBTQ community and it’s allies a healthier community overall while making our movement stronger in our journey towards our equal rights as United States and world citizens. It has always been my passion to help those who often found it difficult to step foot into a gym. I started this with an in-home training venture long ago, before I served as a manger to a university fitness center, and now am continuing it with a similar but different focus with The Movement.

The Movement will offer online training/coaching as well as in-home training/coaching for those who are local.

If you find yourself in this category or simply are looking for someone knowledgeable and who has been in the field for a while, feel free to contact me.

I truly feel the health of each individual is vital to The LGBTQ+ fight and our movement is only as strong as the people fighting it. I want to help you be the best version of yourself and I want to help our community be the best it can be in our fight for human rights.

For the love of health and fitness,

Kennie Q. Story (AKA "Arnie")


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